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Professional Services
For customers who want to maximize their investment in enhanced services solutions, Celerity offers a range of professional services. Celerity has modular, flexible consulting and outsourcing programs, which can be tailored to meet customer's specific requirements.

Marketing Services
Celerity professional marketing capabilities services are designed to help customers define, develop, launch, and support new services and applications. We understand that the activities surrounding a service launch are critical to its long-term success. Our marketing support programs can help. Celerity marketing services can include business development, launch planning and support, marketing communication, and education services.

Technical Services
Need an instant solution for an immediate need? Celerity can provide a customized, cost-effective solution quickly. Depending on your specific needs, the solution can include training (specialized hands-on courses), system administration, database reconfiguration, maintenance and redesign, project management, consultation, and application service development.

Third-Party Software and Hardware Maintenance
Equipment manufacturers, software developers, systems integrators, and other solutions providers can leverage Celerity's strong support presence in the Middle East by contracting with Celerity to provide first-line support for their products. This can include installation, training, hotline, on-site engineering support, spares depots for field-replacable units, and warranty administration.

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