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Midas Messaging
Messaging has become an essential part of every telephony offering, whether it is a fixed line, residential service or a cellular service tailored for the business executive. In fact, the unified communications market is projected to attract 62.8 million subscribers and develop into a $16.4 billion industry by the year 2005. Let Celerity help you tap into the opportunity the growing unified communications market represents with MIDAS MESSAGING™, our unified communications solution.

MIDAS MESSAGING is the optimal voice and data message management device. It solves the "different-device-for-each-message-type" problem by providing subscribers a single mailbox that stores all message types. MIDAS MESSAGING is a true unified mailbox - accessible by any telephone, PC or fax machine connected to the PSTN or Internet from anywhere in the world

Whether you need a simple cellular call completion solution or sophisticated unified communications, you will find a Midas Messaging application to match your needs. And because the Midas Messaging platform is a scalable, multi-service platform you can offer different services, each packaged specifically for a target market, on the same platform.

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