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Midas PrePaid
Midas PrePaidTM Solutions from Celerity is engineered from the ground up to enable Carriers and Service Providers to take advantage of the demand for alternative telephony billing services. Whether the opportunity is in prepaid mobile, prepaid and postpaid calling cards, prepaid fixed phone, long distance, or prepaid enhanced services, you will find a Midas solution to meet the requirements of your market.

All Midas PrePaid solutions share a common architecture and scalable multi-service platform. This means you can deploy one or more Midas PrePaid application today and add other Midas applications as your business grows and changes. Midas Prepaid seamlessly crosses network and platform barriers, and elegantly support expansion. And Midas PrePaid can operate in both traditional and IN environments. Modular hardware and software, flexible classes of service, and a wide array of network-based features allow you to tailor your applications to the specific needs of your chosen markets. Today and in the future.

Midas PrePaid Applications

  • Midas Mobile
  • Midas CallingCard
  • Midas Fixed
  • Midas LongDistance
  • Midas Architecture
  • Midas Prepaid IN

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